Rick Singh

Senior Business Consultant
Command Alkon

Mindfulness & Driving Clarity in Leadership & Decision Making

Research shows that Leaders that regularly practice Mindfulness have been proven to bring about deeper sustained results for their organizations, through the ability of using a clear mind to make stronger decisions, while fueling authentic engagement within their people. During this session we’ll debunk the common myths about Mindfulness and talk about the highest level of Emotional Intelligence. Mindfulness is very likely the most misunderstood, underutilized and critical skill available within every Leaders tool belt. We will explore how the art of being able to be singularly present in the moment, silencing the external noise of busyness, will allow us to see deeper into issues, encourage stronger decisions and increase the authentic engagement not just in your organization, but throughout your lives.

Rick Singh has a broad background of experience including 8 years within the Producer world of Ready Mix, currently working with Dispatch Optimization customers to evaluate and improve their operational performance. This industry perspective marries with his Masters Degree in Education, where he passionately explored Human and Organizational Change, while dissecting Leadership. This blend allows Rick to bring a unique and powerful perspective to his teaching and speaking engagements.