Andrew Lindsey

Industry 4.0 Tech: Enabling Collaboration & Cooperation

Nearly every built environment project requires the collaboration and cooperation of multiple players within the AEC ecosystem to ensure everything from the safety of the users to the integrity of the structure; and from the sustainability of the materials to their resilience against natural disasters. However, the process to support innovation and adoption of technological solutions rarely sees the same nuanced attention to detail.
Andrew Lindsey will discuss how Alpha Corporation, ENR top 50 Program Management / 100 Construction Management firm, is approaching innovation and technology from a radically new perspective to collaborate in spaces far outside the firm’s 40-year-old comfort zone. Through this, Andrew will discuss how Alpha is leveraging the capabilities of distributed ledger technology and other Industry 4.0 technologies to safely collaborate with competitors; effectively align with startups and research institutions; creatively leverage cognitive and behavioral economics; and confidently support workforce resiliency.